Global Gem Testing Laboratory Pvt Ltd, We specialize in identifying gemstones, analyzing the enhancement of gemstones, identifying rare gemstones, and grading diamonds. We have with us highly experienced and qualified gemologists in our gem laboratory with a membership of Alumni Association GIA, Gemologist Association Great Britain (FGA), and Gemologist Association Sri Lanka (MGA). Additionally, our laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments that are of high quality and reliability.

Mrs. P. K. SusithaMSc. (SL) BSc (SL)
Fellow of Gemologist Association Great Britain (1999)
Life member of Gemologist Association of Srilanka(1999)
Life member of Gemologist Association of University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka
Associate member of GIA (America)
Msc in Gemmology
24 years service of Excellency at ZAM GEMS (PVT) LTD Sri Lanka.

Mr. S. Anurudha Saranga DharmasiriFellow of Gemologist Association Great Britain(2015)
Member of Gemologist Association of Srilanka(2015)
Member of Alumni Association GIA (America), (2015)